August 5-12, 2017


July 30, 2017 - Summit County Fair Qualifying Barrel Race

Summit County Fairgrounds, Coalville, UT 

August 8, 2017 - Barrels & Broncs (Summit County Fair Championship Barrel Race & Bronc Riding)

Summit County Fairgrounds, Coalville, UT 



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Bronc Riding Information


The Summit County Barrel Race is entering its ninth year of production. However, in 2015  we changed the event’s blueprint and added Saddle Bronc Riding and formed a new and unique two day event named “Barrels & Broncs”.

The first day of competition will be held in late July. Here participants enjoy a Qualifying Barrel Race, the race is divisional, using a 6D format. Divisional races give every level of competitor from beginner to pro a chance to win or develop and improve their personal riding skills and horsemanship.

During fair week, the top ten qualifiers in each division compete at the Summit County Fair Championship Barrel Race in Coalville. In an effort to make the race more spectator friendly, only the fastest compete and contestants dress in traditional western wear. The only judge is the clock and winners are determined by a thousandth of a second; there is no room for error.

The Saddle Bronc component of the newly designed event promises spectators even more excitement. Bronc riding is one of rodeo’s most popular events. It involves traditionally dressed cowboys riding a horse that’s attempting to throw or buck them on to the ground.


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*Schedule is subject to change. If necessary it will be updated here.