August 3-10, 2019



Entry Deadline June 8

Contest Date: June 11th, 2018  -   Red Barn, Oakley, UT



8:30-9:00 Check in and numbers 


9:15 2017 Queen will set pattern 


Contest will begin with number 1 in numerical order 


Conclude horsemanship and take a 20 minutes break to move inside for speech, modeling, impromptu.. 


Once contest resumes we will being in reverse order with modeling after which we will ask an impromptu question then contest will conclude her time on stage with her speech 


After all contestants have completed this section of the contest we will move to interview 


Interviews will take place over lunch where luncheon will be provided . Starting with number 1 and in numerical order. 


Once all contestants have interviewed the judges will take a short break to determine placings and we will conclude the contest with coronation of the 2018 royalty. 

2018 Summit County Rodeo Queen Application!

About the Queen


The Summit County Rodeo Queen symbolizes the young women of our area who wish to further promote the sport of rodeo, and in so doing, promotes the great western way of life. She is also the ideal-type American and is the young woman who will represent rodeo as she travels the length and breadth of Summit County.

While spreading goodwill for Summit County, the Summit County Fair and Rodeo, Miss Summit County Rodeo Queen is garnering the richest experience of her life and laying the foundation for her future. The young woman that wants to be a leader in her community and further promote our western way of life is the girl we are looking for within our county. She is the person who loves horses, rodeo and all that they represent. She is a role model to exemplify to the youth of the community and what can be accomplished in this western environment.

Miss Summit County Rodeo Queen serves as an ambassador for Summit County and of rodeo to the general public, portraying excellence in sportsmanship, high moral and ethical character, and reflects careful and humane treatment of animals. She must understand the sport of rodeo and the people that enjoy rodeo as a professional sport. She is expected to act, speak, and dress according to the prestige the title deserves at all times during her reign.

CONTESTANT ELIGIBILITY: The following are the general guidelines for eligibility for the Summit County Rodeo Queen Contest:

  1. Each contestant must Utah Resident at least 15 years of age not more than 24 years of age as of January 1 of the current year.
  2. She shall never have been married. The winner of the Miss Summit County Rodeo Queen title shall also agree not to marry during the year of her reign. If she should marry, or for any reason not be able to fulfill her obligations, the title will be removed from her and passed on to the First Attendant in that year's contest.
  3. She shall waive liability. She shall never have been a previous Summit County Rodeo Queen.
  4. All contestants are required to abide by the contest rules and regulations with possible disqualifications for infraction of those rules.
  5. Should circumstances ever occur that a contestant is conducting herself in an improper manner, she will be disqualified from the competition.
  6. If the Summit County Rodeo Queen or attendants have ever been pregnant, is pregnant or becomes pregnant during their reign, they will forfeit their crown and all benefits and gifts received from the contest and title. 



The judges will judge on appearance, personality, and horsemanship. Judging will also occur in public speaking and photogenic ability. Each contestant will have the opportunity to be judged informally, in a formal interview, during luncheon, speeches, modeling, and horsemanship competition. Criteria within each major area of judging include the following:

HORSEMANSHIP DIVISION: The purpose of this division is to select the young woman who scores highest in:

  • Horsemanship control of mount and handling in various riding patterns.
  • Ability to sit a saddle-balance, position of hands, feet and seat; mounting and dismounting as well as presentation appearance rides.
  • The understanding and skill of the contestant will be judged and not the horse. However, it is certainly recommended that you have your horse and tack clean and prepared for competition. Please make sure your equipment is in good working order.
  • Each contestant will be interviewed by the judges regarding general knowledge in horsemanship, with specifics in tack, horse care, professional rodeo, current PRCA standings, rodeo terminology, etc.
  • The Pattern:

PERSONALITY DIVISION: The purpose of this division is to select the woman who scores the highest in the following areas:

  • Intelligence and knowledge of current events and the general ability to present herself to people in a positive manner.
  • Conversational ability in varied areas; grammar and proper use of the English language is most important.
  • Genuine interest in other people and noticeable courtesy and diplomacy in all situations.
  • Ability to project her personality to people she may meet in a short time span, as well as being able to present herself positively in formal situation, riding area, or before an audience in other activities.
  • Showmanship-ability to present herself in a gracious manner, but demonstrate ability to promote the professional sport of rodeo and serve in public events as rodeo queen.
  • Have a happy outlook on life, general sense of humor, and ability to adapt to most situations requiring her presence.
  • General ability to handle herself in situations that require maturity, and leadership while maintaining a genuine ability to relate to the grassroots people of rodeo.
  • The contestants should realize that they could be judged anytime during the contest whether formally or informally. Judges will be asking a variety of questions and it should be expected that many questions would have some depth so those judges may determine the character and knowledge of each contestant. This is expected whether the contestant is being questioned on the sport of rodeo, current, national, or local events, and items of major importance happening in the world. Each contestant should be prepared for a private interview with the judges.

APPEARANCE DIVISION: The purpose of this judging division is to select the woman who scores the highest in:

  • General attractiveness, poise and proper behavior in every situation.
  • Grooming this is most important as the queen represents the Summit County Fair and the professional sport of rodeo. She must have neatness about her appearance and cleanliness is expected in every detail such as complexion, hands, hair, nails, fragrance, and clothing.
  1. Western-style shirt with cuff and collar, may have sequins, rhinestone and/or  embellishment. No spandex allowed. Appropriate jewelry is allowed.

  2. Western-style jeans of any color are allowed. No spandex.

  3. Western-style boots are to be worn, no ankle boots allowed.

  4. Belt should complement outfit.

  5. Western-style hat must be worn and be clean and in good condition

  6. Western Dress May be worn also be worn.
  • The contestant’s posture and poise are important. She should have an awareness of fashionable western dress and style with particular attention given to proper fit, style, color, and coordination that enhances her total appearance.
  • Judges will observe a contestant's posture, how she sits, walks, models her outfit, the style she projects, her overall appearance and behavior. Judges also will be looking for individuality, imagination, versatility, creativity, and how the contestant presents a complete image and appearance.
  • Judges will interview the contestants and may ask questions regarding familiarity of western wear, proper attire for western events, grooming, poise, style and any other areas as deemed appropriate.


Each contestant will be required to prepare and deliver a 2 to 3 minute speech. A penalty will be assessed if the contestant goes more than 3 minutes. We are looking for creativity in developing a speech and the presence during the delivery of the speech. Points allocated for the speech will be included in the total points.


Never during the contest will parents or others associated with the contestant be allowed to interfere with the judges or pageant officials. The Summit County Fair Rodeo Queen Committee welcomes and encourages family, relatives and friends to attend all events open to the public or as designated in the agenda. Your support and assistance during the contest are very important to your contestant. She needs encouragement and help during this time. We want people associated with the contestants to have a good time and enjoy the special activities planned throughout the contest.


The official score sheets of the judges will be sealed in envelopes and delivered to the auditor for tabulation. The sheets will not be made public for any reason. At no time will parents, contestants, or others be allowed to see the scoring or tabulation sheets.


  1. A contestant must be at least a high school freshman within the current year, but not more than twenty-four years old, on the 1st day of January of the current year.
  2. A contestant shall never have been married, never lived in circumstances imitating marriage, and never been pregnant
  3. A contestant does not have to be a legal and permanent resident of Summit County, Utah.
  4. A contestant, if selected as Queen or an attendant shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs or substances.
  5. A contestant, if selected as Queen or an attendant, may not have been a previous Miss Summit County Rodeo Queen 
  6. A contestant, and parent or guardian, must sign a waiver of liability for any injury suffered by the contestant as a result of, or while participating in, any Summit County Rodeo Queen activity.
  7. A contestant must agree and acknowledge that decisions of contest judges in matters of horsemanship, personality, etc. and placement of Miss Summit County Rodeo Queen and Attendants is discretionary and final.
  8. A contestant must agree and acknowledge that the Summit County Fair Board, by majority vote, may disqualify a contestant, a Queen, or an attendant for conduct unbecoming or inimical or merely embarrassing to Summit County or for failure to abide by or meet the foregoing contest requirements.
  9. If chosen as Queen or Attendant you will be required to attend and reign over all of the following rodeos and other fair activities which will include the Summit County parade, PRCA Rodeo, Derby, Little Buckaroo Rodeo, (both nights), livestock judging, livestock sale, Pet Fest, Miss Summit Co. Pageant, Horse show, etc., at the various events during the fair.
  10. In addition, if chosen as Queen or Attendant, you will be expected to attend various activities throughout Summit County and the State in an effort to promote the Summit County Fair.  Some of these activities include –the Oakley 4th of July Parade and one night at the Rodeo, Kamas Fiesta Days Parade and Rodeo, Days of 47 All Horse Parade and Rodeo.  Attendance at all of these events is not mandatory for the entire royalty to attend (Queen and/or her Attendants), but at least one member from the Royalty must attend.   The Fair Committee understands that scheduling is sometimes difficult with other activities such as High School Rodeo events, etc. and participation at all events listed above may not be possible for each candidate.  It is expected that the Queen and/or Attendants work diligently to try to facilitate all events to insure that at least one person (or more if possible) of the royalty is in attendance to represent Summit County.  As part her duties as Queen, the Queen will contact each member of the Royalty to determine which events each member is available to attend and then outline a schedule for attendance.  The Queen will then supply this schedule to the Fair Administrator.
  11. Failure to fulfill your obligation:
  • If you fail or refuse to attend or complete the required obligations:
  • As the Queen you will lose your title and be required to return all prizes. As an attendant you will be required to return all prizes and will not be eligible to try out for rodeo queen the following year (limited to one year suspension).

 The Miss Summit County Rodeo Contest Committee endeavors to provide a quality contest worthy of your talents and efforts.

For Further Information Contact:

Whitney Diamond 801-259-0623 , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summit County Fair Office 435.336.3249 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.