August 1-8, 2020


Supervisor - Gretchen Klein

General Instructions:

  1. Flowers will be accepted in the north end of the Ledges Event Center on Thursday, August 6th, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m..
  2. Label each variety correctly. Any flower brought in after 10:00 a.m. will be for display only.
  3. Exhibitors will furnish their own containers. Common glass fruit jars are accepted for straight class exhibits. (We will not be responsible for breakage.)
  5. The score card below will be used as the basis for judging and exhibitors are advised to use them as a guide when selecting exhibit material.
  6. Exhibitors are encouraged to exhibit in floral arrangement classes as well as straight classes, since the ultimate purpose of growing flowers is to create beauty in the home.
  7. All flowers must be grown by the exhibitor in Summit County.
  8. In case flowers are the only one of a kind, an award will be made if worthy of a prize and not because they are the only one of their kind.
  9. All decisions of the judges will be final. Judging will take place before the exhibit is open to the public and no exhibitor shall be present during the judging. Judges will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place premium ribbons to designate the merits of the entries by the Danish System.
  10. A sweepstakes plate will be awarded for best arrangement and overall flower.


Score Card for Straight Class Exhibits Points

Condition 35

Free from Blemish 15

Fresh bloom and foliage 15

Stem Length 5

Uniformity 30

Size 15

Shape 15

Color 25

Bloom 15

Foliage 10

Size (according to variety) 10

Total Points 100



Gather flowers after sunset or before sunrise.

a.       Cut with long stems, generally just before they come into full bloom.

b.      Some flowers such as the following are exceptions:

c.       Gladiolus, when first bud opens

d.      Roses, when bud buds are soft

e.       Dahlias, when blooms are fully open

f.        Poppies, the night before opening

Do not remove buds and leaves except those leaves that would be submerged in water. On succulent stems, use a sharp knife, brittle stem such as chrysanthemums are best if broken. Flowers such as dahlias and poppies keep longer if stems are plunged into boiling water for a few moments as soon as the flowers are cut. Remove brush and other buds coming from stems on gladiolus. Gladiolus should be at lease 12-15 inches below last floret. Remove dead florets. For best results, flowers should be placed in cold water up to the flowers head immediately after cutting, then stored for several hours in a dark draftless place with temperature held as near as possible around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Salt, aspirin, etc. will NOT prolong the life of the flowers.

 When taking them to the place of exhibition, wrap flowers in moist newspaper then place them in a covered container to keep moisture in and prevent drafts.



First - $3.00
Second - $2.00
Third - $1.00


1.      Best exhibit of flowers, more than one variety arranged for.

A.     Dining D. Hall

B.     Living Room E. Kitchen

C.     Bedroom

2.      Best arrangement of dry weeds and flowers.

3.      Best novelty arrangement.

4.      Miniature arrangement 6" and under.



First - $3.00
Second - $2.00
Third - $1.00


1.      Asters, any variety, 3 blooms

a.       one color

b.      mixed colors

2.      Clarkia, any color, 6 stems

3.      Cosmos, 6 or more blooms

a.       one color

4.      Dahlias, 3 blooms

a.       one color

b.      one larger bloom

5.      Gladiolus

a.       one specimen, any color

b.      3 spikes, same variety

c.       6 or more spikes, mixed colors

6.      Marigolds

a.       large orange, 3 blooms, same

b.      large lemon, 3 blooms

c.       new varieties, 5 blooms, same

d.      small, 6 blooms same

7.      Nasturtium, 6 of any color

8.      Pansies, 12 blooms, any color

9.      Pholox

a.       3 blooms, one color

b.      1 specimen

10.  Petunias

a.       single, one kind, one color, 5 stems

b.      ruffled giant, one color, 3 stems

c.       double ruffled, any color, 3 stems

11.  Snapdragon

a.       3 stems, one color

b.      6 or more stems

12.  Sweet Peas

a.       6 or more stems, one color

b.      12 stems mixed

13.  Zinnias

a.       large, 3 blooms, one color

b.      small, 6 blooms, one or mixed colors

14.  Other annuals not classified, any number of exhibits provided different variety

a.       3 blooms

b.      1 specimen

Division III - Perennials

First - $3.00 
Second - $2.00 
Third - $1.00

1.      Roses

a.       3 blooms

b.      1 specimen

2.      Daises

a.       3 blooms

b.      1 specimen

3.      Other perennials not classified, any number of exhibits provided different variety.

a.       3 blooms

b.      1 specimen



Division IV - House Plants

First - $3.00
Second - $2.00
Third - $1.00 

1.      Ferns 

2.      Begonia (plant and blossom) 

3.      Geranium (3 blossoms or 1 plant)

4.      Cactus 

5.      Ivy 

6.      Gloxinia

7.  African Violet

8.  Philodendron

9.  Garden in a dish

10.  Macrame hanger and plant

11.  Other (identify)


Although every effort will be made to protect the exhibits the Summit County Fair board assumes NO responsibility for lost or damaged flowers